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It is a beautiful and unforgettable experience to travel to another country with your family or friends. Going with the family or friends brings a sense of togetherness and memories. A trip not only refreshes the mind but also brings the change in the perspective. But to make a foreign trip, you require a visitor visa. A visa is given for visiting a country for vacation, vacationing, casual visits to gather with and relatives etc. So, it is created so that people can attend or make a trip to a different country for merely vacationing or attend a short-term yoga program. 

Visitor visa gives states a prospect to analyze the applicant’s details, such as financial security, the purpose for travel, and aspects of past visits to the country. Visitors may also be asked to undergo and pass security or fitness checks upon landing at the port of entry. To get a tourist visa, you must not have a resident or occupation of a particular country. 

Visitor visa is legitimate only for the number of days of your vacation from the date of arrival. Sometimes it can be given for more than six months depending upon the various policies of the different countries. This visa has some other limitations too. You can’t study or work in a country with this visa.